The Plan: Upcoming Months

I can’t believe that we’re nearly 1/2 way through 2011. That is crazy.

How is everyone’s 2011 goals going? Both writing and non-writing?

I’ve written, but I’m not anywhere near where I’d like to be. I also haven’t kept to my commitment to eat better. Oops.

Since we’re about at that halfway point, I’ve given myself a new goal. Feel free to join me.

June is going to be the month to get things done. I have some novellas I started that I would like to finish. I’m close enough to be able to do it if I commit some time to it. So if you have any short stories, novellas, or any unfinished WIPs sitting there, starved for attention and affection, this is the time to give it some love. Hopefully, you haven’t been as negligent as I have.

July: Revisions. I plan on rewriting and revising my novel during this month. There are a lot of significant changes that need to be done, and I’m already excited/frustrated with the list I’ve made. July will be for tackling this beast and pushing it one more step toward future publication. The changes will make it better – stronger – but I know it won’t be easy. If you have anything to rewrite or revise, please feel free to join me.

I’ll be posting my progress throughout the two months and checking in here as well as Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s to a productive summer ahead!

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