Release:Song of the Swallow

Song of the Swallow, my historical female-centered novella about concubines in the Song Dynasty is now out on Kindle and Nook for the holiday price of $2.99. Print versions will also be available soon.

It was both exciting and challenging to work on this novella. My usual genre is fantasy. While there are some minor speculative elements to this story, it still remains a historical with extensive research done both independently and drawn from my graduate research in anthropology and history. In the coming weeks, I will finally be posting some of my research and a behind the scenes look at what went into recreating the cloistered world of women in the Imperial Court.

I enjoyed the journey and hopefully so will you.

Happy Holidays!

So about posting…

Remember how I said I was going to start posting more regularly barring any crazy situation?

Crazy situation happened.

I ended up with a severe infection and as soon as I recovered, I ended up with pneumonia. I’m still struggling to get over pneumonia.

I’m not too stressed, but I am disappointed that my plans for this blog and building a web presence will have to wait until the new year. Resting is better than being a complete waste of space, though.

I should have some announcements for upcoming projects shortly, as well as sticking around more as 2012 starts. Sometimes life happens.

I hope all of you are well and have a safe and healthy holiday season!