Gears and Levers 1: A Steampunk Anthology

My short story, “Of Blood and Brass,” is out today as part of the Gears and Levers anthology. It tells the story of a geisha in an alternate Japan. Here is the basic description of the anthology:

A Quest for the Mind and Soul

Come, my friends, adventure and romance awaits in worlds that never were but should have been. Magic and science blend together as Gears and Levers explores the quest for all that makes up humanity. Battle pirates, travel back in time, fly in dirigibles, explore the wonders of the Orient, and walk with automatons in twenty amazing tales set in Steampunk lands by masterful storytellers such as David D. Levine, Brenda Clough, Mark Ferrari, Irene Radford, K.L. Townsend, David Lee Summers, Shannon Page, Bruce Taylor, among others.

Feel free to check it out along with all of these great authors!

Available in ebook form on Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Recent Releases

A couple of releases to talk about today. One is old. The other is new 🙂

December marked the release of my short historical novel, Song of the Swallow, by Hadley Rille Books. It’s available in paperback and hardcover, as well as an ebook for the Kindle and the Nook.
I have a short story in an anthology that was just released. It’s called Absolute Visions and put together by the wonderful people at Absolute Write. My contribution is “Kiss of the Jade Fox.” I was lucky enough to have an illustration for the story which is amazing. Watch this space for my impression on some of the other contributions as I read the anthology 🙂

Finally, it’s not due out yet, but as I’ve signed the contract, I’d thought I’d announce it. I have a short story due out in the steampunk anthology Gears and Levers called “Of Blood and Brass.” I’ll update as soon as I know more.

I’ll be posting some more in the coming weeks about some topics that are percolating. Have a wonderful day!

Release:Song of the Swallow

Song of the Swallow, my historical female-centered novella about concubines in the Song Dynasty is now out on Kindle and Nook for the holiday price of $2.99. Print versions will also be available soon.

It was both exciting and challenging to work on this novella. My usual genre is fantasy. While there are some minor speculative elements to this story, it still remains a historical with extensive research done both independently and drawn from my graduate research in anthropology and history. In the coming weeks, I will finally be posting some of my research and a behind the scenes look at what went into recreating the cloistered world of women in the Imperial Court.

I enjoyed the journey and hopefully so will you.

Happy Holidays!